RICHARDS is a Canadian company that specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of highly effective packaging solutions for a variety of markets.

Over the years, the Richards business model has changed. Originally a manufacturer of glass containers, Richards has become a major North American manufacturer and distributor of containers for the agrifood, healthcare, cosmetics, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.

To meet the specific needs of the pharmacies industry, we have created the RICHARDS Pharma Solutions group, which brings together three distinct divisions: RICHARDS Rx, Dispill / Dosipill and Healthmark.


RICHARDS Pharma Solutions is a trusted Canadian partner offering a full range of products, services and  cutting-edge expertise on automation and specialized packaging for community and hospital pharmacies.


RICHARDS Rx is recognized for its innovative and efficient Rx containers, designed with a focus on patient well-being, the needs of health professionals and compliance with the pharmaceutical industry’s strict safety standards.


DISPILL and its subsidiary DOSIPILL  (Europe and the United States) offer multidose, detachable and recyclable blister packaging solutions for patients on multiple medications or those seeking to improve adherence.


HEALTHMARK is a distributor of medical and pharmacy products ranging from automation systems, storage, organization, packaging and dispensing solutions.


To know more about RICHARDS Packaging Inc or for investor relations, please visit our corporate site.